Next Generation Mobile Light &
Communications Towers

Award winning, Australian designed mobile solar light & communications towers incorporating US military spec build quality, superior illumination performance and advanced OEM power management, data & remote-control telemetry.

The EcoQuip Solar/LFP BESS technology platform is deployed in four alternative equipment solutions:

  1. Mobile Solar Light Tower – power budget & illumination to displace diesel fuel solutions;
  2. Mobile Solar Communications Tower –robust power budget to support ‘mission critical’ autonomous mining network reinforcement
  3. Mobile Solar Environmental Tower – remote camera surveillance, movement & noise monitoring / telemetry
  4. Mobile Remote Surveillance Tower – remote AI camera live satellite surveillance

Capability includes:

  • Unique EcoQuip OEM solution developed with US technology partners
  • Zero emissions, zero fuel, zero OPEX, zero service and maintenance requirements
  • Approximately 50% cheaper lifecycle cost Vs diesel-fuelled alternatives
  • Bespoke military build quality and power electronics (patent pending)
  • Remote control & live data telemetry, automated operation

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