Competitively Advantaged Asset Owner

Fundamental to the Volt business strategy is to build a competitively advantaged portfolio of power and infrastructure-type assets / equipment and capability that delivers a unique and valuable service and/or supply to our clients.

Ownership of competitively advantaged assets enables the Company to achieve a value result for all its stakeholders.

Long Term Contract Solution Supplier Focus

Client / Supplier Value

Critical to value creation for client and business stakeholders alike is the ongoing / regular provision of a unique and competent service solution. A long-term contract business model is ideally suited to achieving mutually beneficial supplier / customer salient objectives including:

  • Specialised focus and investment in continuous improvement and innovation;
  • efficiencies achieved through familiarity and broad experience;
  • service and equipment supply reliability and security for both supplier and client;
  • supply chain pricing optimisation; and
  • mutually shared consistent and positive results.

No Capital Cost

The Volt focus on the ownership of power and infrastructure-type assets and equipment for the supply of service can optimise the capital investment cashflow cycle of client activities. The contract supply of asset generated services provides the opportunity for Volt to invest in client projects and business activities reducing client capital costs associated with new asset deployment.

Capital costs borne by a third-party supplier like Volt, releases Customer capital expenditure for alternative investment or client stakeholder benefit.

Normalised or Structured – Simple Rental / Tariff Payment

The Contract supply business model also enables the structuring of rental /tariff payments for the asset service provision to optimise client business cashflow.

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ATEN is a ‘waste heat recovery’ power generation technology. The ATEN (Accretive Thermal Energy Node) technology is designed to harvest industrial waste heat – usually vented to atmosphere – and uses this captured heat energy to generate zero emission electricity.

The ATEN technology design comprises a modular system of heat recovery, power generation and related auxiliary equipment skids that can be flexibly configured to deliver zero emission power generation. The ATEN system delivers the reduced-cost benefits of standardised design whilst maintaining broad compatibility with many industrial waste heat resource opportunities. This broad compatibility and modular flexibility (including re-deployment capability) engenders the ATEN system with a commercial competitive advantage over alternative waste heat recovery solutions.

The ATEN modular system is capable of integration with either high and low grade industrial waste heat. Where high and low-grade waste heat are available simultaneously, the ATEN system can be configured to synchronise steam turbine and Rankine Cycle generation solutions to maximise electricity generation or apply these generation systems independently depending on the heat resource and cooling opportunities available.

Global Waste Heat Snapshot

80%+ of global energy production is generated by carbon based fossil fuel combustion.

Global government policy to displace fossil fuel energy use with renewable electricity generation technologies, battery powered vehicles and energy efficiency regulation has delivered a significant reduction in global fossil fuel energy use. However, the absolute growth in global fossil fuel demand – the result of population growth, economic modernisation and human pursuit of improved living standards – has outpaced the displacement of fossil fuel energy by renewable technologies.

At present, renewable energy technologies are unable to deliver the scale, energy intensity, affordability and consistency that modern industrial economies need to function sustainably. Household electricity supply decentralisation via solar and battery innovation is the exception to this.

For the foreseeable future existing fossil fuel energy supply technologies are required to support the extensive energy supply requirements of the global industrial complex that delivers social prosperity. These thermal energy systems vent or radiate approximately 50% of the energy they generate as residual high and low-grade heat. By way of example, approximately 50% of the energy used in global electricity generation is lost as heat vented to atmosphere.


The ATEN Opportunity

A compelling opportunity exists to cost effectively capture this residual heat and generate low-cost, incremental zero emission electricity.

Volt has a strategic focus on the development and/or acquisition of power generation technologies and infrastructure-type assets that reduce Customer operating cost. The Company believes our ATEN Technology – designed to exploit the waste heat resource as a ‘free fuel’ and generate reduced cost electricity – will achieve this.

The ATEN Advantage

The compelling attributes of the ATEN Technology as an electricity supply opportunity include:

  • No Fuel Cost – Low Cost Electricity Generation
  • Climate Benefit – Zero Emission Electricity Generation
  • Simple Compact Design – Optimised Capital Cost
  • Unattended Operation & Automated Control – Reduced Operating Costs; and
  • The Win Win Opportunity – Value creation shared between client and Volt shareholders

Modular Design Approach

The modular components that comprise the ATEN Technology solution are dimensionally sized to be compatible with low cost deployment solutions and include the following key modules or skids:

Heat Capture and Exchange – core equipment components of this module are bespoke designed / modified for compatibility with power station exhaust or industrial process heat ventilation to recover heat via an appropriate / optimal thermal fluid medium for subsequent downstream use.

Pressure Regulation – this module regulates pressure and working medium flow to within operational parameters and regulatory constraints.

Thermal Governing – this module controls the overall system thermal flow and thereby, energy transfer and balance.

Power Generation – this module comprises the optimal power generation stage for the recovered available waste heat resource. Depending on heat resource and affordability constraints this module can either comprise a steam turbine, Lysholm turbine Rankin cycle solution or both in combination.

Cooling & Condensing – This module can comprise an air or water cooling system depending on geographical location, water availability & related cost and system configuration.

The ATEN Technology’s modular design enables broad compatibility with bespoke industrial waste heat sources. This can provide for the exploitation of up to two different co-located heat resources concurrently. Further, the application of multiple cascading generation modules in high temperate heat recovery environments delivering waste heat industry benchmark efficiencies and performance.

ATEN Competitive Advantage

No Fuel Cost – Low Cost Electricity Generation

Since the industrial revolution, the history of global economic & social prosperity has been inextricably linked to low-cost affordable energy. Production cost input reductions deliver economic competitive advantage, business growth opportunity, employment and social & fiscal prosperity.

By using heat energy traditionally discarded by industry, the ATEN Technology has no fuel cost associated with the electricity it generates. This highlights the electricity generation production cost advantage of the ATEN Technology.

The Win Win Opportunity – Electricity Price & Generation Cost Reduction

Exploiting this significant generation cost advantage is expected to allow the ATEN Technology deliver robust operating margins combined with a lower electricity supply cost for its partner Customers.

The market opportunity with the greatest potential to leverage the ATEN cost & price advantage includes existing remote mine site generation, fuel supply chain constrained environments and “high-cost” grid supply electricity markets like Australia.

Climate Benefit – Zero Emission Electricity Generation

The ATEN Technology generates zero emission electricity reducing greenhouse gas production and significantly enhancing the environmental and energy efficiency credentials of ATEN enabled industry.

Simple Compact Modular Design

The ATEN Technology design philosophy is centred on minimising installation time & cost, maximising redeployment capability and system automation. All these design objectives are intended to:

  • maximise the ATEN low cost generation cost advantage;
  • Simplify the ATEN installation site footprint requirement; and
  • minimise site construction activities and associated risk during ATEN installation.

Other ATEN Technology Benefits

The ATEN Technology attributes include:

  • Unattended operation;
  • Reduced consumption of higher cost, carbon intensive generation supply; and
  • Preservation of natural resources.


  • Leading manufacturer and supplier of proprietary sample crushing equipment used predominantly in the global iron ore industry.
  • A 25-year successful operating track record with approximately 280 of its W300 sample crushers sold across three continents.
  • Transitioning to serviced exchange supply solution

  • Leading manufacturer and supplier of Mobile Solar / Li-Ion battery enabled LED lighting, LTE/Wi-Fi repeater and CCTV tower solutions.
  • Market disruptive with zero fuel, zero oil, zero service and maintenance requirements
  • Approximately 50% cheaper than diesel-fuelled alternatives
  • Mobile LED lighting, LTE/Wi-Fi repeater and CCTV equipped solutions
  • Robust, resource sector compatible build quality, automated light operation and GPS capability